Public Writing about Writing

This page is an ongoing list of blogs, columns, and other sites that focus on questions relevant to contemporary writing instruction at all levels, K-16. It’s a hot topic right now — and I’ll do my best to maintain a record of all that’s said! If any readers of this page see things that should be added, please email me!

Blogs to read (permanent list):

Mike Rose’s blog – A blog by Mike Rose, one of the leading researchers/teachers in composition and frequent public commentator about writing

“The Answer Sheet” – Valerie Strauss, Washington Post – one of the most consistently solid and provocative blogs

Susan Ohanian’s blog – Blog by teacher activist Susan Ohanian. Contains links out to many other sources

Bridging Differences. Deborah Meier and, until recently, Diane Ravitch. A new blogger will join soon.

Diane Ravitch’s blog –

Recent posts worth reading (from a list started by Cathy Fleischer):

Peter Smagorinsky on good teachers behind good essays:

Peter Smagorinsky on the manufactured “crisis of literacy”:

Michael Moore on why teachers are leaving the profession:

Valerie Stauss on Texas getting rid of critical thinking skills:


Susan Ohanian: on profitability of tests

Open letter to president by university prof:

Atlantic Monthly discussion about writing instruction following the publication of “The Writing Revolution”, an interesting (and, IMO, problematic) article about writing instruction in a NY high school

atlantic article and another response:

Movie about the Seattle Public Schools MAP boycott (with links to great other materials)