About Me

  • How is “good writing” defined in different contexts?
  • Whose values are (and are not) reflected in those definitions?
  • How should people — especially students — learn to create this kind of writing?
  • How should “good writing” be assessed?
  • Who gets to decide the answers to these questions? Whose voices should matter?

These questions run through my research, my teaching, and the “service,” consulting, and other work I do inside and outside of colleges and universities. I am a Professor of Writing¬†Studies and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education at University of California, Santa Barbara. My research focuses broadly on definitions of literacy in historical and contemporary education and the implications of those definitions for learning and teaching. As a result of this focus I am quite interested in assessment, in the formulation and execution of public policy, and in helping writing faculty, students, and others to develop strategies to affect public policy.

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